Nature Bike med Vito


Nature Bike was founded in 2011 by Vito D’Amico of Cisternino (Puglia). Born from one passion, it has now become a point of reference throughout Italy for this activity.

He is taking visitors of every type in discovering beautiful places that are not reachable by car. Excursions to discover masserie, archaeological sites, natureal areas…


…take a rest and enjoy ”a taste of Italy”!


It is easy to become aware of how much ’cicloturismo’ has become a fundamental pillar of tourism with-in the region. Every day and in nearly all seasons we can see small caravans of cycklists, arriving to Cisternino to discover the beauty of its countryside and places. All at a leisurily pace.

Today Vito has the oppurtunity to come in contact with people of many nationalities and different cultures that enrich and explore further possibilities.

On this retreat Vito is going to be our local guide and is happy to be with us on this great trip!

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